San Francisco to Russian River Valley Wine Tours


Russian River Wine Tours - Premier Wine Regions

Pinot Noir - Popular Wine
– 9 Hour Day –

The Russian River Valley is quickly becoming one of the most sought after wine regions in California, even emerging as one of the premier wine regions in the world. Plan a leisurely 9-10 hours to fully enjoy Russian River wine tours from San Francisco. Take in the crisp morning air, and grab breakfast and coffee before we pick your party up from your hotel in San Francisco (usually by 9:00 am).

Pinot Noir is the popular wine enjoyed in the Russian River Valley. While most red wines focus on flavor, the Pinor Noir is about texture. Its juicy, fleshy, sensual feeling is what makes it so alluring.

A trip to the Russian River Valley isn’t complete until you take the leisurely trip down Westside Road. This winding two-lane road is often compared to Tuscany and goes through the heart of the wine country, over rolling hills, across the Russian River, and through redwood forests.