Alexander Valley Wine Tours


Alexander Valley - Sonoma County

Pacific Breezes - Hillside
Most Abundantly - Wine Region

Alexander Valley is situated in the northeast corner of Sonoma County. At 22 miles long and 7 miles at its widest part, it is Sonoma’s largest and most abundantly planted wine region. Its 15,000 acres include varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Sangiovese, to name a few. This area is home to many award-winning, handcrafted wines produced in small quantities. The people here have a laid-back manner and are committed stewards of the land…a commitment that protects this beautiful countryside while producing elegant wines of the highest quality.

Protected from Pacific breezes by surrounding hillside, this region is warmer than other areas of Sonoma, yet cools a bit at night. The daytime warmth is ample enough to ripen the grapes, giving rise to rich, fleshy wines. Rainfall is heaviest in winter and spring, resulting in a longer growing season.

Come explore Alexander Valley with us, be immersed in the gracious hospitality of its residents, and enjoy its distinct wines—wines that truly tell a story of this magical place.